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WWEST Partners

This page has been left for archival purposes. Many of these projects have been undertaken by the 2015-2020 WWEST program, eng•cite (the program of the Goldcorp Professorship for Women in Engineering at UBC), or UBC Faculty of Applied Science. Please contact those organizations with any enquiries.

WWEST Partners Call for Proposals

We have three categories of WWEST Partners – Funded Partners, Network Partners, and Affiliates.

Funded Partners has three sub-categories – new initiatives, strategic planning extensions, and impact measurement extensions.

Please note that this will be the last year for WWEST Partners funding. The reporting deadline will be earlier than previous years: April 30, 2015. This can be extended to June 15, 2015 upon request for events falling in April, May or early June; this must be negotiated before the application deadline.

For New Partners & Affiliates

Projects that have not received funding or support from WWEST in the past are eligible for the “New Initiatives” grant or “Network Affiliate” status. Full details of these opportunities are listed below.

For Returning Partners & Affiliates

Organizations that have previously received funding or support from WWEST are eligible for the “Strategic Planning Extensions,” “New Initiatives” (for projects that have not received WWEST funding previously), and “Impact Measurement Extensions” grants, as well as “Network Partners” or “Network Affiliate” status. Further details are available below.

Call for Proposals

The WWEST Partners program brings together training, resources and funding from the WWEST program with both established and un-established community organizations that are undertaking activities to promote outreach, recruitment and retention for girls, young women and industry professionals in engineering science and technology.

Funded Partners

New Initiatives

Organizations may apply for a 1 year grant for new or existing projects. Single-year projects are eligible for a one-time grant of up to $­­­­5000.

The intention of the funding is to help establish or expand programs, and it is expected that projects have matching funds from other sources, and a plan for continuation after WWEST Partners funding ends. Projects will only be funded once.

The overall funding pool is limited, so it is anticipated that we may not be able to fund all projects, or may not be able to fund projects at the requested level. If receiving less funding than you applied for will cause the project to be cancelled or significantly modified, please include details in your proposal.

Strategic Planning Extensions

Organizations that have previously completed WWEST Partners contracts may be eligible to apply for a Strategic Planning Extension. These extensions, of up to $1000, are available to support organizations which are undertaking strategic planning to increase their organizational capacity and readiness to continue their projects. Please note that these are not general extensions for the programs. Well developed, detailed proposals and timelines are expected for applications for this category.

Impact Measurement Extensions

Organizations that have previously completed WWEST Partners contracts may be eligible to apply for an Impact Measurement Extension. These extensions, of up to $2,000, are available to support organizations which are undertaking significant research to measure the impact of their projects, such as implementing widespread, literature-informed evaluations, or designing and validating a measurement tool. Please note that these are not general extensions for the programs. Well developed, detailed proposals and timelines, along with an outline of the approach to research and the credentials of those participating in the process, are expected for applications for this category. Project results must be public, and methodologies and tools must be licensed at no charge for non-profit education sectors (e.g. available in a public access journal).

Network Partners and Affiliates

Network Partners are organizations who have previously received funding from the WWEST Partners program or are members of WWEST Council. Network Partners do not receive direct funding but maintain their affiliation, and are invited to participate in WWEST Partners events. Becoming a Network Partner is contingent on having completed your final reporting requirements.

Network Affiliates are aligned groups who do not have a different standing but wish to be affiliated for promotional purposes and other affiliations. Groups must be clearly aligned with the goals of the WWEST Partners program.


To be eligible to receive funds, an organization must either be a non-profit organization with a registration that is recognized in the BC/Yukon Region, or an educational institution.

If your group does not meet either set of criteria, we suggest partnering with another group with similar goals who does. We are unable to transfer funds to groups that do not meet these guidelines.

Please note that the WWEST Partners program generally supports programs with a broad impact. Funding for teams, participation in conferences, and other individual pursuits is generally not available unless there is a broader impact.

Criteria for Selection

Project selection will be based on:

  • The need for the project, including geographic and sector considerations;
  • The impact the project will have and the number of people affected;
  • The sustainability of the project after the funding ends, including organizational capacity;
  • Organizational readiness for the funding;
  • Appropriate plans for how the project will be meaningfully measured and plans for dissemination of results;
  • Other factors may be considered to ensure diversity in funded applications.

Project funding will be based on recommendations from a review committee.

Organizations may apply for multiple projects, and projects may apply for multiple categories.

How to Apply

Complete the application form available here [.docx] or here [.pdf], and submit it to wwest (at) mech (dot) ubc (dot) ca with a 1 page abstract by 8am on September 15, 2014. Early application is encouraged. An accepted abstract does not imply full funding.

All applicants, as well as past Partners (optional), will be requested to send delegates to the WWEST Partners workshop, held on September 15, 2014 at UBC (travel subsidies are available for those from outside the Lower Mainland). The workshop topic will be Marketing with Social Media. Please RVSP by September 5 by emailing wwest@mech.ubc.ca.

By October 15, submit a full application package, based on the accepted abstract. Attach your application form.

WWEST will announce funding decisions by November 1.

Past Workshops

Fundraising and Sponsorship Best Practices – January 10, 2011
Measuring Outcomes and Reporting Best Practices – April 2011
Succession Planning – September 23, 2011
Fundraising 101: Art and Science of Fundraising – January 23, 2012

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